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...a lame extension to my actual on-line journal...

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I go by the handle/alias iCE Breaker and the definition below should explain where I came up with the name.

ice /n./ [coined by Usenetter Tom Maddox, popularized by William Gibson's cyberpunk SF novels: a contrived acronym for intrusion Countermeasure Electronics'] Security software (in Gibson's novels, software that responds to intrusion by attempting to immobilize or even literally kill the intruder). Hence, icebreaker': a program designed for cracking security on a system.

I've been modeming since 1989 when I got my first 300 baud modem for $99! I had to mow a lot of lawns to get that thing! *grin* I've run multiple BBS's in my years of computing. Technology has always intrigued me so computers have always been a form of entertainment for me. I've been programming since I can remember. First starting out in BASIC, .BAT files, Turbo Pascal, ASM86, C, etc.. I'm also proficient in TCL, PHP, Perl, Bash. Anyhow. Click around, and enjoy.